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To understand Larossa and what we stand for, you need to know the owners: the Paller Family. The little one, Spagna, is named after my grandmother who came here from Italy when she was just a little girl. She, like most immigrants at the time, had the characteristic that provides the backbone of our family - an unwavering work ethic. Next to us is my beautiful wife, Lisa Paller. She put her career on hold to stay at home and raise our little one, and the ones to come, in addition to running the operations of our company and our home. This sacrifice embodies the second pillar of our family - we do whatever is necessary to get the job done. Then there's me, Ross Paller. I have been in construction and real estate ever since I can remember. I have learned so many lessons the hard way in this business and always make sure my clients don't have to learn the same ones. Our family’s third pillar, honesty, inspires me to do everything in my power to provide my clients with the same product that I would provide for my own family.

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