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So What Do Successful People Have in Common?

Success is something that we all want to achieve, in every aspect of life. Whether you’re a teacher, a full-time parent, a real estate investor, or all of the above - everyone wants to feel confident, happy, and like they’re doing the best they can to reach their goals.

While everyone is unique, there are some common characteristics that most successful people have in common. Here’s what you need to know about how to be successful so that you can feel you’ve lived and lived well.

They’re willing to fail

Failure is part of success. No one has ever started a business or tried something new without failing. If you want to join the ranks of successful people, you have to be willing to fail. All successful people know that success doesn’t come easy.

And instead of letting a failure or setback keep you from trying again, use them as a learning experience. Learn from your mistakes so that you can make better decisions in the future. So many people give up after failing, but only successful people persevere and continue to push forward.

They set goals that can be accomplished

Successful people wake up and already know not only what’s planned for the day, but are already figuring out tomorrow as well. Less successful people are often disorganized and are scrambling to figure out what their next move is.

Having direction comes from setting goals. Setting lofty yet attainable goals shows strength and dedication. Know what you’re capable of achieving. Invest your best effort into achieving your goals. Once you achieve goals, the key is to set new ones.

They’re life-long learners

We all have our comfort zone. The problem is that the comfort zone is safe and allows very little room for growth. Successful people are life-long learners that are willing to be uncomfortable.

For instance, many people think that graduating college is the end of being a student and learning new things. However, successful people are life-long learners that want to learn new things and have new experiences.

It all goes back to failing. Successful people aren’t afraid to try something new at the risk of failing (or being uncomfortable).

They know their story

Ask any successful person about themselves and chances are that they can give you endless details. Successful people know who they are, how they got there, and what they do. In turn, their stories not only make you believe in them, but they also spark a fire inside of others that gives them the push to start their own path to success. Successful people are confident, persuasive, and are 100% comfortable with who they are inside and out.

They’re accountable

Many people are too quick to pin the blame on someone else or rely on others to be successful. But the only way to be successful is to harness your own power, knowledge, and strength.

Looking inwards and trying to find the best solutions, while leveraging what you have, is the most effective way to get where you want to be. Holding yourself accountable and owning your mistakes is the only way to improve and be better.

They’re excited about the journey not just the results

Successful people know that get rich quick schemes are fraud. Instead of trying to find ways to make it in the snap of a finger, they focus on building a sustainable career through risk taking, hard work, and creativity.

Success comes when you enjoy the journey, despite the obstacles and setbacks. Doing something that has meaning in your life will get you to where you want to be.

They ask questions

No one has all of the answers. What sets successful people apart from others is that they know who to go to for the answers that they need. Successful people have a solid network of mentors and professionals that they can rely on for answers and guidance. Asking the right questions to the right people will give you the right answers.

They make change versus being affected by it

Successful people don’t wait around for the economy to go their way or for a solution to fall into their laps. Instead, they make change happen for them. They create trends and make things happen.

They adjust as needed

Successful people stay relevant by reinventing themselves as needed. They’re well-aware that ignoring trends and staying stagnant only impedes success. People who are successful are always searching for the next big thing, coming up with new ideas, and learning new skills.

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