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Is Your Contractor Ripping You Off?

I'm sure you have heard of (or maybe even experienced) contractors that...

  • Don't make and follow a budget or timeline

  • Offer advice that is more beneficial to them than you

  • Don't tell you what’s going on with the project (if you can get ahold of them at all)


We call this the Contractor's Black Hole.”

It is our mission to help you avoid the contractor's black hole of miscommunication and non-transparency.

We are here to help so that you don’t let a good deal turn into a bad investment.




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Stop wasting your time and money and get results instead.

At Larossa, we deliver via our:

Systematic Approach

to planning, project management, and staying on budget with regard to both time and money.

Proprietary Software

that provides the highest level of transparency in the industry.

True Experience

as a Client. We have flipped/rented hundreds of our own properties.

How much is the wrong contractor costing you?

You wouldn't let a dentist give you knee surgery

We know you’re the kind of professional who doesn’t have time to mess around with overrun budgets, missed timelines, and playing the telephone game with contractors.


You need a renovation team that not only understands your investment, but treats it as our own. We know the game; we have been burnt and work to never let it happen again.

To combat this, we have put together a systematic approach to planning out our projects, managing them step-by-step and delivering on time and under budget. We do this using our proprietary software which provides the highest level of transparency to our clients.


A dentist and an orthopedic surgeon are both doctors. But you wouldn't let a dentist give you knee surgery. Similarly, there are construction companies and then there are investment construction. Why let a contractor who doesn’t understand investment houses work on your flip or rental project? Hand it over to true investment-grade remodel professionals. 

Our Secret:
Exclusive Partnerships

How did we solve the "Contractor's Black Hole"? 

We've spent the last decade refining our process- creating new software, hiring excellent managers, and implementing new systems... and can I be honest with you...? 

We were still finding ourselves in our own black hole. We missed some timelines and budgets. It was horrible

After long reflection, I realized that most of our problems were coming from a few customers, taking time and attention away from the rest.


"What if we only worked with our dream customers? People that shared our values and mission?" I asked myself. 

This question led to the final step that eliminated the black hole. We began only working with investors that we are aligned with. Investors that are transparent, honest, and efficient. And as a result, it changed our customers into partners. It also removed our constraints, allowing our systems to run like a well-oiled machine. We hit all of our budgets and timelines.

We can't make something that works for everyone. But we made something for driven investors who communicate transparently, and are willing to trust our expertise as we work together. In other words, we hope we made something for you

If this feels like you, please apply by clicking start now. We'd love to talk to you and see if it's a fit. If it's not, no hard feelings. We will shake hands and respect that we are both in the game. 

Review our comprehensive

planning for your project.

Apply to work with us (click the red button that says "Start Now")

Start making money on your investments.




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